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HelpDolphins was created to help stop the Dolphin Drive hunt in Taiji, Japan,  the slaughter of Dolphins, and help fight the Dolphin Captivity industry word wide. HelpDolphins is a vehicle to utilize my unique experience and skillset to help the cause.

 In 2006 I left working on Pirates of the Caribbean for the first of five trips to the now infamous "Cove" where I met Ric O'Barry. I had left the "Pirates of the Caribbean" set in The Bahamas with Pirates Director Gore Verbinski's blessing : "Charles, at the end of the day a Pirate movie is two hours and a box of popcorn - what you are doing will make a difference". On the five trips to Taiji over the next several years with a growing team assembled by a famous photographer friend of mine, I planned all the covert missions, recorded audio, did time-lapse photography, introduced and filmed all the thermal imaging, and went inside the infamous heavily guarded "Killing Cove" eighteen times to film most of the famous "Slaughter Sequence" that shocked the world. "The Cove" movie was a global success winning more awards then any movie ever made including the 2009 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. More importantly it exposed this obscene practice to the world and ignited international outcry. "The Cove" movie made a difference.

Although there has been a dramatic decline in Dolphin deaths (down 84%) over the past decade in Taiji, the practice continues with only Ric O'Barry and his team still working actively, directly, and tirelessly on the issue. 

I started as a vehicle to utilize my unique experience and skillset to help the cause. 

I have spent the past few years working on several other movies, leading several expeditions that discovered ancient civilizations, and recovering from injuries, but, having seen the atrocious cruelty first hand so many times, I feel the need to finish the work we started. I have been honing my skills and learning new techniques to return to what I am best at. I am, once  again, focusing on that little cove to put an end to the Dolphin Drive Hunt and create a positive and lasting resolution for the predominantly good people of Taiji, and Japan. I ask for your support with my upcoming missions. HelpDolphins also serves as a source of information from reputable organizations that I support in their work not only on Dolphins and Whales, but our Oceans and Environmental issues in general. 

Speaking after "The Cove" China premier screening in Shanghai 2010.

Speaking after "The Cove" China premier screening in Shanghai 2010.

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Charles Hambleton

Explorer, Academy Award winning Film Producer, Cameraman, Sailor, Diver, Musician 

From a Pan American Airways family, Charles has lived all over the world and traveled in over 60 countries. He studied English at Roanoke College and Environmental Microbiology at University of Vermont. Charles co-founded The Fox Theater and the recording/touring band, The Samples in Boulder, CO. A waterman at heart, Charles moved from London to Antigua, West Indies in 1991.

Charles is a PADI Dive Master, Technical Diving Institute Nitrox Diver, IANTD Re-breather diver, Royal Yachting Association Yacht Master, an FAA Part 63 licenced Private Pilot, and FAA Part 107 licenced UAV Pilot. Charles worked with treasure hunters Scott Mitchen and Tony Kopp in the Caribbean where they discovered the French Fleet of 1678 in Islas Las Aves, Venezuela. In the mid 1990's he used Side Scan Sonar in Lake Superior to map valuable Old Growth Timber also with Mitchen and Kopp.

Charles is filmmaker known for his work as producer and as himself on the 2009 Academy Award winning documentary, The Cove (2009), Racing Extinction (2015), The Big Fix (2012) and Vanishing Sail (2015). Charles is responsible for filming most of the infamous "Slaughter Sequence" inside the Killing Cove that shocked the world and major portions of the movie. He served as a Sail Master for the Marine Department on the "Pirates Of The Caribbean" movie franchise. Always pursuant to new technology, Charles introduced Thermal Imaging filming in The Cove and remains an Infrared Training Center Level 1 Thermographer.  

The eve after winning the Oscar for The Cove, Charles conceived and led a covert operation to bust the Santa Monica restaurant, The Hump, for serving endangered species SEI Whale meat. He covertly filmed and busted another restaurant for the same illegal service in Seoul, South Korea in conjunction with KEFM (Korean Federation Environmental Movement), Dr. Scott Baker, and the Seoul Police. His work with Dr. Scott Baker and KEFM is published in the scientific journal, Biology Letters. He went undercover again in China and filmed Shark fin, Manta Ray gill, and Whale Shark oil smuggling operations. He is also an artist and paints from his vast collection of thermal images described in his talk at TEDx Maui. Lately Charles has been implementing the latest Drone technologies and utilizing Augmented/Virtual Reality Solutions to work towards alternatives to Dolphin Captivity.

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