The Dolphin Drive Hunt

This is not Traditional

 Dolphins hunting drive boats use "Banger Poles" to coherce them into a cove with traumatizing sound. The technique began in 1969.

Dolphin Torture

Dolphins rely on their highly developed sense of sound and the "Banger Poles" leave them dazed while they await slaughter - or a lifetime suffering in captivity

Dolphin Slaughter

Dolphins that are not selected for a lifetime of suffering doing tricks in captivity are brutally slaughtered for their mercury tainted meat.

Dolphin Abusement Parks

Although Dolphinariums in the United States no longer take Dolphins from the wild, China and Russia keep the demand high.


Dolphins doomed to captivity have a short life expectancy and high incidence of ulcers, depression, and even suicide.

Toxic Meat

Although less then 1% of Japanese eat Whale meat (and even fewer Dolphin), Dolphin meat containing 5-5000 times toxic levels of mercury is still for sale.


Stop the Slaughter & End Dolphin Captivity showcases the work of the worlds leading Anti-Dolphin Captivity, Whale Research, and Ocean Advocacy NGO's actively working to put an end to Dolphin Captivity, and clean up our Oceans utilizing technology and creative solutions. offers advice on where to donate most effectively.

Ocean Alliance

Conserving Whales and our Ocean Oceans through research and education.

Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project

Former Dolphin trainer turned Dolphin advocate Ric O'Barry is the leading voice in the anti-Dolphin captivity and anti slaughter movements.


The Whale Sanctuary Project

Building a sanctuary where Whales and Dolphins can be rehabilitated and live in their natural environment.

5 Gyres Institute

5 Gyres empowers action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution through science, education, and adventure.

Surfrider Foundation

Dedicated to the protection and enjoyment  worlds Oceans, waves, and beaches through their powerful activist network.

National Resource Defence Council

Defending our air, water, communities, and wild places through advocacy and the law

The Rocky Mountain Institute

RMI transforms energy use to create a clean, prosperous, and secure low carbon future.

Enviro... Investigation Agency

EAI conducts undercover investigations of criminal activity, and uses a wide variety of scientific, economic and social primary evidence to achieve systemic breakthroughs on  environmental issues globally.

Help me Help Them

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